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TBF students study tips

Ladies it is 2019!!! What do you use your social media for?

You need to know where you belong and where you stand. Most importantly, WHAT YOU WANT!!!


You feel you are old enough for marriage and deep inside of you, you really want to get married. Inside of you, you believe there is a possibility that you can find your dream man on social media like this one and yet you are still joining all these teenage girls to form “Slay Queens” (whatever that means) on Facebook.

Bearing Childish Names on Social Media like PorshLaide Kiutebabie Slayer, making all sorts of Childish pose on photos.

Standing like an imbecile, bringing out tongues in photos all in the name of posing for a picture.


Yes, how you dress does not really define you, but I have done my research and I found out that 90% of you girls that dresses like Runs Girls on your Photos, are actually Runs girls in real life.


You never make sensible post that will display any level of intelligence. All you post about is how you are crushing on some good looking celebrities and then copy and paste some not too funny jokes, and you think a Reasonable, Responsible Man looking for a girl to Marry will come to your inbox?


Only some ambitionless thirsty ass Niggas and some irresponsible married men who thinks Facebook or every other social media is a dating site, will come into that your inbox and you keep wondering why is it that the kind of Men you want to slide into that DM of yours are not the ones sliding in. Really?

Wen u carry heavy untreated sore dey waka, u dey expect make human beings come near you? With that kyn tin wey u carry, na Flies go rush you.


How you portray yourself whether on social media or real lifes matters a whole lot.


In this century, you need to be different to get a different kind of treatment.

You can’t be doing the regular job and expect to be paid for Special Services.


If all men for most of una list be like me, most of una inbox go dry pass menopause.


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